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Feb. 28th, 2015

Jared Padalecki Manip # 01

This photo of Jared came online recently with him obviously drunk and his twigs and berries (heh) hanging out. And while it might have been believable to some, something was just off about it. First off, Jared has long fingers - most tall men do. Secondly, on closer inspection, there is blurriness around the lower part of his neck.


Look see...Collapse )

New Jensen Ackles Manip

There is a new Jensen Ackles photo out there and so, of course, I did my best to research it. It's supposed to be him coming out of the shower naked. One of the main problems I have with it is that he is quite skinny. Even in Jensen's youth, he was never really skinny. His frame was a bit wide. Checking this new photo, there is an obvious mole in the center of the chest. I had checked all shirtless photos of the real Jensen and, naturally, there was none.


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Feb. 27th, 2015

Jensen Ackles Manip - ?

I'm pretty sure these last two are fake but I can't find the originals. Ah well.

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Jensen Ackles Manip # 21

Now this fake stumped me on why someone would fake a photo of Jensen flipping someone off. *shrugs* I don't know...

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Jensen Ackles Manip # 20

This open shirt one is nice, but lacks the nice pecks Jensen has.

Look see..Collapse )

But still nice to look at...

Jensen Ackles Manip # 19

Although I don't have a larger photo, I wanted this one to have a post all by itself - simply because I like it. :)~

Manip 23

Jensen Ackles Manip # 18

Although he's not shirtless, here's one with his shirt open. And yes, it's fake. *sighs*

Manip 22a

Now for the real one...Collapse )

Jensen Ackles Manip # 17

Although Jensen smokes in real life, this photo came out and, yes you guessed it, it's fake.

Manip 24a

It's not real, however...Collapse )

He looks cool though...

Jensen Ackles Manip # 12 - 16

Here are a few that I did not find any full size photos of the fakes.

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Jensen Ackles Manip # 11

Never get tired of these shirtless photos...

Manip 12a

Here it is...Collapse )

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